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Easy Care Carpet in Bedroom

Easy Care Carpet

Modern carpet technology now allows for more than several easy care carpet options.

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Easy Care Carpet

Easy Care Carpet in Living Room

About Easy Care Carpets

Builders and homeowners often opt for carpet flooring in living areas and bedrooms, our most personal spaces that call for comfort and warmth, especially on chilly mornings. Those areas are where we spend much of our time, hanging out with family, playing with pets, and hosting friends. We're not concerned about easy care carpets until the dog has an accident or a cup of coffee gets overturned.

If this sounds all too familiar, you'll be pleased to learn that modern carpet technology now allows for easy-to-clean carpet options

What Are Easy-to-Clean Carpets?

Selecting a long-lasting carpet involves more than thinking about how it will look in your home and feel underfoot. In fact, investing in a quality, easy-to-clean carpet will ultimately deliver you higher value by saving you time and money

But what makes a carpet easy to clean? One important characteristic is moisture resistance, which repels liquid rather than absorbing it. This makes the development of stains, mold, and mildew virtually impossible. That's music to the ears of loving pet owners, busy parents, creative artists, and others prone to unexpected messes. 

Easy-to-Clean Carpet Materials

Here are a few carpeting fibers that are well-known for their easy cleaning: 

  • Nylon - Since its introduction in the 1950s, nylon has been a fan favorite in homes across the US. You'll be happy to discover that its easy maintenance and durability have only improved with advancements in stain- and fade-resistant carpet treatments.
  • Polyester - Many homeowners gravitate toward this synthetic fiber for its water resistance. While not quite as durable as nylon, polyester is just as easy to maintain. This material is hydrophobic, repelling liquid and inherently resisting mold and mildew. So no more worrying about your child's next spill causing a problem in the basement playroom.
  • Wool - This natural fiber and renewable resource makes a cozy and resilient flooring material. It's incredibly elastic, which is good news for you since it will easily bounce back after the flock of neighborhood kids runs indoors with their shoes on. Plus, you don’t have to worry about replacing your floors for a long time, as wool can last decades if well maintained. Wool carpets naturally resist water-based stains, repel dirt, and clean easily.


You'll have no trouble finding a style, color, or pattern of easy-to-clean carpet that enhances your home's decor, whether that's modern farmhouse, minimalist, or something in between. Wool carpet easily accepts dyes and resists fading while synthetic nylon and polyester can be solution dyed. This means that their color is added to the fiber during production, resulting in inherent fade resistance.

Durability and Maintenance

Easy care carpet made of nylon, polyester, or wool is reliably durable, though each type varies in performance. Nylon and wool can handle more wear and tear than polyester, which works well in high-traffic areas like hallways and living rooms. Polyester and wool can repel water and stains, making them ideal options for your basement and family room. 

Easy care carpets require minimal effort, so you spend less time cleaning and more time playing. Make it a habit to routinely vacuum, keeping your carpet clean and durable. For high pile cut carpet, you may need to adjust the vacuum height to avoid pulling fibers and tangling them on the beater bar. 

If a spill or accident occurs, clean it up as soon as possible to prevent any long-term damage. A deeper clean with a steam treatment might be worthwhile. Always follow your product’s manufacturer guidelines to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance.


No matter what type of easy-to-clean carpet you choose, you won’t have to worry about installing new floors in the years ahead. In general, wool carpets usually outlast synthetic fiber carpets like nylon or polyester, but it all depends on several factors specific to your home. 

These can include: 

  • Your home's traffic patterns 
  • The quality of the installation and materials used
  • Your carpet cleaning and maintenance habits
  • Whether you're following the manufacturer's guidelines

When shopping for your easy care carpet, ask about the warranty protection available. This will help ensure you get the best bang for your buck for many years to come.


The installation process for easy care carpet is no different than standard options, and it's equally laborious. If you anticipate spills and accidents, opt for a pet-proof or moisture-proof carpet pad, which will lay under your carpet and is installed first. Then comes the carpeting itself, which is best installed by experienced professionals who will provide a thorough, efficient, and proper installation that you can trust. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which carpet is easiest to clean?

Moisture-repelling fibers like nylon and wool are arguably easier to clean because they don't absorb liquid. When one of the kids spills juice on your way out the door, it will only take a moment to thoroughly blot the area dry. 

Is wool carpet easy to clean?

Yes! Wool carpets should be regularly cleaned with a vacuum, preferably one with a strong suction. Spot clean wool fibers by following your product’s manufacturer instructions, which will also offer guidance on routine deep cleaning treatments.

What color carpet is easiest to keep clean?

Carpeting in darker shades of brown appears cleaner than other colors, and the reason is fairly simple. A lot of the dirt, debris, and hair that can collect between carpet fibers will blend in with brown hues. 

What is the most durable type of carpet?

Synthetic nylon carpet is considered the most durable carpet. It can withstand high-traffic areas and repel water and stains, making it the perfect option for your active family. 

What is the best type of carpet to clean?

Nylon carpeting is generally considered the best type to clean because it's durable, resilient, and relatively stain-resistant. This can put your mind at ease when it comes to all those little spills and messes. 

To keep your nylon carpet in prime condition, vacuum regularly to remove dirt and allergens, and treat any spots or spills as soon as they arise. An occasional deep clean may be warranted, especially if you have a busy home with a lot of high-traffic areas.